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One of a set of three paired appendages on the thorax of a decapod crustacean, located just posterior to the maxillae and used in feeding.

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(mækˈsɪlɪˌpɛd) or


(Zoology) any member of three pairs of appendages in crustaceans, behind the maxillae: specialized for feeding
[C19: maxilli-, from maxilla + -ped]
maxˌilliˈpedary adj
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(mækˈsɪl əˌpɛd)

any member of the three pairs of appendages situated immediately behind the maxillae of crustaceans.
max`il•li•ped′a•ry, adj.
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a carapace, dorsal view; b third and fourth thoracic sternites, ventral view; c left third maxilliped, lateral view; d telson, external view.
The first principal component (44% of variation) is driven by an increase in size for all metrics, and the second principal component (11% of the variation) is driven predominantly by CH (positive) and the first and second maxilliped length (negative).
Furthermore, the Maxilliped Lecture presented by Dr.
It can be easily recognized by a combination of characters including: 1) the long proximal seta on the first segment of maxilliped (arrow in Fig.
Antenna, antennula, maxilla, maxillule, maxilliped, pereon, pleon, pereopods, pleopods, pleotelson and uropods were mounted between a depressed slide and a coverslip for observation and measurement in a Leica EZ4HD stereomicroscope (Thatcher, Oliveira, & Garcia, 2009).
The long dactylus of the third maxilliped that overreaches the tip of the propodus and the subtriangular telson wider than the sixth abdominal somite are unique features that clearly support that P.
The chemical release was started when the waving of the maxilliped arms and measurement of the sensor responses were initiated.
lividus References Cuesta & Shubart (1999) Carapace RDL (mm) 0.75 [+ or -] 0.03 CW (mm) 0.32 [+ or -] 0.01 CL (mm) 0.42 [+ or -] 0.02 Antennule 2A, 1S Antenna Small spines in protopod 6-7 Maxilliped 1 Coxa (S) nd Telson Outer spines 3 Pleon Dorsolateral processes (P) 2-4 G.
If no eye reaction (cerebral ganglion) and no maxilliped reaction (posterior ganglion) were observed, the crab was classified as dead (Baker 1955).
The aim of the present study is to compare the differences and similarities in the morphology of appendages (rostrum, carapace, first pereiopod, second pereiopod, fourth pereiopod) and mouthparts (third maxilliped, second maxilliped, first maxilliped, mandible, maxillule and maxilla) of A.