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Adj.1.maxillomandibular - relating to the upper and lower jawsmaxillomandibular - relating to the upper and lower jaws
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Edentulism induce changes in the SS, especially in the maxillomandibular relationship and in the shape of bone structures that cause a neuromuscular imbalance, hindering the correct performance of stomatognathic functions, and also likely to interfere in the adaptation of the dental prosthesis (3).
This study seeks to relate the transversal maxillomandibular discrepancy with the buccolingual inclination of first maxillary and mandibular permanent molars in a population of patients aged 10 to 16 years, by means of CBCT.
The positioning of the mandible is constantly explored during orthopedic-orthodontic treatment, by means of using fixed or removable devices when seeking to achieve a correct maxillomandibular relationship.
A study was done to evaluate if palatal plane could be used as a skeletal plane of reference in lateral cephalometric radiographs to evaluate sagittal maxillomandibular relationship.
Life-threatening arteriovenous malformation of the maxillomandibular region and treatment outcomes.
Since Von Spee's Curve are formed by the positioning of the teeth in the dental arches, the positioning should be such to efficiently absorb occlusal forces during maxillomandibular function.
Her medical history included placement of a maxillary transpalatal distractor (TPD) for a class III dentoskeletal maxillomandibular dysmorphism with mandibular hyperdivergence 7 months earlier.
Surgical treatment of obstructive sleep apnea: upper airway and maxillomandibular surgery.
Fibrous dysplasia in the maxillomandibular region-Case report.
Methods of achieving Maxillomandibular fixation was either through eyelets alone or arch bars alone or a combination of both.
Cephalometry allows assessment of any maxillomandibular hypoplasia and is obviously essential if considering maxillofacial surgery.
It was found that maxillomandibular advancement increased airway dimensions by increasing the distance from the occipital base to the pogonion.
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