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Adj.1.maxillomandibular - relating to the upper and lower jawsmaxillomandibular - relating to the upper and lower jaws
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It must be remembered that most of the patients reconstructed with an autogenous graft require at least one additional maxillomandibular surgical procedure due to the high percentage of ankylosis, fracture, variable growth behavior, resorption, infection, and donor side morbity [5].
Maxillomandibular fixation with or without a splint in place is then performed.
The positioning of the mandible is constantly explored during orthopedic-orthodontic treatment, by means of using fixed or removable devices when seeking to achieve a correct maxillomandibular relationship.
A study was done to evaluate if palatal plane could be used as a skeletal plane of reference in lateral cephalometric radiographs to evaluate sagittal maxillomandibular relationship.
Life-threatening arteriovenous malformation of the maxillomandibular region and treatment outcomes.
Surgical treatment of obstructive sleep apnea: upper airway and maxillomandibular surgery.
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Occlusal adjustments were made until maxillomandibular incisor contacts were obtained [27].
Gingiva and hard palate are the most commonly affected sites in maxillomandibular involvement [9].
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