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1. Of, relating to, or consisting of a maximum.
2. Being the greatest or highest possible.
n. Mathematics
An element in an ordered set that is followed by no other.

max′i·mal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.maximally - to a maximal degree; "the cells maximally responsive to lines in this orientation will fire"
minimally - to a minimal degree; "the cells minimally responsive to lines in this orientation will not fire"
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The trade breaks even at $85.20 and it can maximally make a profit of $5.20.
Speaking earlier, Auta, urged the participants to take the workshop and the exercise that formed part of it seriously in order to gain maximally.
The treatment, which is offered free of cost by the government, consists of the combination of antiretroviral drugs to maximally suppress the HIV virus and to stop the progression of HIV disease, besides ART also preventing onward transmission of HIV.
"We are negotiating with the European Union and, in particular, with France in order to maximally facilitate entry of Uzbek products to European markets by bringing our standards in line with EU requirements.
Lamenting over poor civic facilities, health and education systems, MoazAzam said he would be present in the assembly as the voice of his constituency's people and maximally try to discuss issues pertaining to fundamental facilities.
Among the topics are functional algebras of operators generated by a self-adjoint operator in Pontryagin space ?1, Wedderburn structure theorems for two-sided locally m-convex H*-algebras, main embedding theorems for symmetric spaces of measurable functions, discrete non-closed subsets in maximally non-discrete topological groups, faithfully representable topological *-algebras: some spectral properties, and dense ideals in topological algebras: some results and open problems.
Dr Ansari also appealed to the citizens of Karachi maximally donates blood in nearby blood banks to save precious lives.
Summary: In order to be maximally effective, it remains important for businesses to optimise IT, so that employees have to spend less time on IT processes that are not part of their core tasks, says Taj El-Khayat, regional director, Citrix for Middle East and North Africa (MENA)
"We live in a state where laws are used to control and condemn the Albanians and to maximally protect the Macedonians and their interests.
A more pronounced effect was observed in patients with baseline LDL-C levels at or above 100 mg/dL despite maximally tolerated statins, who are at a high risk of suffering a future event.
KARACHI -- There is a need to train and provide basic information to concerned public, volunteers, and non-governmental organizations about methods to do plantation drive in Karachi for securing best resultsto maximally increase tree cover in the city.

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