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Noun1.maximisation - the act of raising to the highest possible point or condition or positionmaximisation - the act of raising to the highest possible point or condition or position
step-up, increase - the act of increasing something; "he gave me an increase in salary"
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The Chinese iconoclastic experience with Shenzhen and other SEZs suggests that location determines profit maximisation, industrial entrepreneurship, transportation costs for raw material and finished goods, burgeoning jobs creation and improvement in tax compliance.
Responding to a question in Parliament on behalf of Minister of Mineral Resources, Green Technology and Energy Security, Mr Mabeo said the policy was aimed at achieving maximisation of economic benefits to the nation while enabling private investors to earn competitive returns and improve linkages with the wider economy as well as generate employment opportunities.
The BandR Initiative has made headlines across South Asia, where leaders ponder the future of regional economic integration in a bid to pursue the maximisation of their local interests.
While addressing the IMC 2018, Mittal said that National Digital Communications Policy (NDPC), like the earlier telecom policy, acknowledged that revenue maximisation is not the sole objective.
communities given maximisation developer "In Greater Manchester cityregional centre many of the benefits of housing development for local communities has been given up for the maximisation of developer profit."
I would introduce the principle of utility maximisation and then try to criticise it, pointing out the important aspects of the human condition this do not fit into it.
In addition to the decision, the review also includes an evaluation of commercial maximisation initiatives, geographical presence, R&D portfolio, and business development opportunities to support the overall strategic direction.
Let me inform him that the Council's Benefits Service provides a comprehensive advice and casework service through the Benefit Maximisation Team.
The behavioral economics of consumer brand choice: Patterns of reinforcement and utility maximisation. Behavioral Processes, 66, 235-260.
Traditionnellement, le processus de justification ethique de l'allocation des ressources s'est surtout constitue autour de deux principes opposes : d'une part, l'efficience et la maximisation du ratio couts/benefices des interventions, calculees notamment a l'aide de la methode des QALY (quality-adjusted life years) (2); d'autre part, la preservation de Vequite et de la justice a travers la notion de << maximin >> (3), qui vise prioritairement a assurer aux personnes les plus souffrantes un acces au moins minimal aux ressources (4).
Summary: DUBAI -- The next 20 years will be the most frightening time in business, but also the most inspiring time for leaders whose little acts of humility, daily innovations and maximisation will bring about a tsunami of change, said Robin Sharma, Canadian author during his talk, Leader Without A Title.