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tr.v. max·i·mized, max·i·miz·ing, max·i·miz·es
1. To increase or make as great or large as possible: "the ideal of maximizing opportunity through the equalizing of educational opportunity" (Robert J. Havighurst).
2. Mathematics To find the largest value of (a function).

max′i·mi·za′tion (-mĭ-zā′shən) n.
max′i·miz′er n.
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Adj.1.maximizing - making as great as possiblemaximizing - making as great as possible    
increasing - becoming greater or larger; "increasing prices"
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is to "Help fellow business owners maximize traffic for their businesses, and in turn, help ensure that they are maximizing revenue.
Maximizing a firm's value means maximizing its franchise value, which is the only value component that can be managed.
While most hospitals devote some attention to energy efficiency, New York-Presbyterian is one of the very few in America with a full-time, management-level position dedicated to maximizing energy savings.
Too often, faculty members claim 'ownership' of rooms on campus, which often conflicts with maximizing space utilization" Rahman said.
IBM is the first to build SiGe bipolar using a thin SOI wafer, thereby paving the way to build SiGe bipolar and CMOS on the same thin SOI wafer, maximizing the performance of both the computing and communications functions.
Let's first agree that the financial health of an organization is critical to its survival and its ability to fulfill its purpose, but the trap is to focus on maximizing the bottom line.