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Noun1.may fish - black-barred fish of bays and coastal marshes of the Atlantic and Gulf Coast of the United Statesmay fish - black-barred fish of bays and coastal marshes of the Atlantic and Gulf Coast of the United States
killifish - small mostly marine warm-water carp-like schooling fishes; used as bait or aquarium fishes or in mosquito control
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In a clarification of said statement, his spokesman Salvador Panelo even confirmed that "China may fish in said zones".
Members may fish as often as they like, restricted only by open-season dates, opening hours and catch limits.
In the past they went by other names such as the May Fish, King of the Herring and the Bony Horseman.
Vessels fishing farther than 9 miles from shore may fish under the more liberal, and unchanged, Gulf Council federal cobia regulations: 2 per person, no vessel limit--as long as they proceed directly to port without stopping in state waters.
Commercial anglers likewise have to make that same decision, as do those who target the huge expanses of reservoirs, lakes and rivers and whether there using lures, flies or natural baits, a decision that is absolutely crucial wherever you may fish is where you are going to present your bait.
If the blues are suspended, I may fish them higher.
Juniors younger than senior school age may fish as long as there are two competent adults on the boat, one who is strictly not permitted to fish and/or assist in ANY way, other than driving the boat, and is on the boat purely as a "Safety Officer"
Would-be anglers are encouraged to take advantage of the ODFW's Free Fishing Weekend on Saturday, when Oregon residents and visitors may fish, crab and clam without a license.
Over the winters with a long ice-cover period anglers may fish out approximately 40% of the total annual catch of perch, roach, and ruffe in the lake.
New York has some great crappie waters and anglers may fish for crappie all year long.
There is even one particular lake where children may fish for free.