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or May·ing  (mā′ĭng)
The celebration of May Day, especially by the gathering of spring flowers.


the traditional celebration of May Day


(ˈmeɪ ɪŋ)

(sometimes l.c.) May 1 (def. 3).
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118 (2011); Michael Simkovic, Maying Fraudulent Transfer Law More Predictable, in HANDBOOK ON BANKRUPTCY (Barry E.
In between it travels from the rising sap of Morley's Now Is The Month of Maying to the sunset harmonies and lengthening shadows of Delius's To Be Sung Of A Summer Night on the Water.
He is survived by wife, veteran actress Luz Valdez; daughter Maleck; son Robby; grandchildren Dani and Denise; sister Cecile Bernardo, nieces Maying Kwok, Judith Dayrit, Claire Feliciano and Joam del Gallego.
Moreover, a fascinating piece of reception history is provided by the Christie's database record of Ruskin's manuscript annotations in his copy: Corinna's going a Maying is "lovely" and the close of the final stanza is "Horatian," His Poetrie his Pillar consists of "quiet unaccented iambs," a passage in The Mad Maids Song is "curious," and A Prognostick is "low.
50) Kirk session elders were alarmed at the crowds of parishioners drawn to a well at Downie to the south of Aberdeen (named for St Fiacre, also known as Fithack), who visited it 'in a superstitious manner for seeking health to themselves or bairns' particularly on the first Sunday in May as part of the maying festivity.
Now is the month of maying, When merry lads are playing, fa la, Each with his bonny lass, Upon the greeny grass.
2005), Maying Things Public: Atmospheres of Democracy, Cambridge, MIT Press.
The very rich section on "Parishes" (of which, for the pre-Elizabethan period, which supplies almost all the evidence, twenty-seven of the 108 parishes yield accounts, while forty-three inventories from the reign of Edward VI are extant) has subsections on the "Liturgical Calendar" (with fascinating information on the Boy Bishop, Palm Sunday prophets, and other parish plays), on "Parish Customs" (hocking, Maying, pageants, costumes, royal entries, celebratory connections), and on "Parish Rentals" (for performances in churches, churchyards, and halls).
Now is the month of maying when marry lads are playing, fa la la, each with his bonny lass upon the greeny grass fa la la.
It's a simple thing To make a maid Out of a maid And send her maying.
It remained a major theme for miniaturists and illuminators during the late medieval period, with a strong emphasis on the provision of food, drink and warmth, often with other contemporary activities such as maying, hunting and hawking.
Liam Nichols, 15, Anthony Nichols, 14, Sarah Faye, 14, and Maying Riley, 14, had been walking past the house at 9 o'clock last night when they spotted the fire.