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 (mā′ənt, mānt)
Contraction of may not. See Usage Note at can1.


(ˈmeɪənt; meɪnt)
contraction of
may not


(ˈmeɪ ənt, meɪnt)
contraction of may not.
References in classic literature ?
Come and enjoy yourself, but in order that my brothers mayn't see you, put this band round your waist and then you'll be invisible.
More shame for him," cries Honour: "you are to go to bed to him, and not master: and thof a man may be a very proper man, yet every woman mayn't think him handsome alike.
Well, Sarah Ann, she mayn't be a good child, an' she mayn't be a pretty one, but she's a child, an' children needs children.
I wish he mayn't gore anybody then, that's all," said Jane, not altogether despising a hypothesis which covered a few imaginary calamities.
He only said, "I may tell your uncle and aunt, mayn't I, Hetty?
shoulders, and be responsible, and see after everything; and that will grieve your mother a bit, though she mayn't say so.
I mayn't be able to get away till after milking," she sniffed, "but I don't want to miss it.
He mayn't be exactly what you would call handsome, but he's far more distinguished-looking, and nicer and better than Mr.
I hope plays mayn't be sinful, Kit, but I'm a'most afraid,' said Mrs Nubbles.
I've asked Mary to tell the Doctor that you are with me, so you needn't go down to calling-over; and I mayn't have another chance, for I shall most likely have to go home for change of air to get well, and mayn't come back this half.
I don't know how scarce you mayn't make the wittles and drink here, by your flopping tricks and your unfeeling conduct.
Well, he don't miss any property by it, because he'll get that all right; but he's missed seeing his brother Peter die -- which he mayn't mind, nobody can tell as to that -- but his brother would a give anything in this world to see HIM before he died; never talked about nothing else all these three weeks; hadn't seen him since they was boys together -- and hadn't ever seen his brother William at all -- that's the deef and dumb one -- William ain't more than thirty or thirty-five.