mazal tov

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ma·zal tov

 (mä′zəl tôf′, tôv′, tōv′)
Variant of mazel tov.
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x xxx xxx xxxx xxx xxx xx x xxxx xx[c]x[umlaut]xx Mazal tov to Israel for this epic and heavenly achievement!
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Mazal Tov to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the birth of their son.
That mazal tov goes out to the "Jewish people"they get the noun, we only get the adjective.
When I type: Mazal tov ("congratulations"), my phone autocorrects to: Nasal tic.
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During the award ceremony, which took place at Takahashi's Manhattan residence on February 6, Tokayer was lauded by the ambassador for having "enlightened and deepened the understanding between the Jewish and Japanese people," the ambassador concluded with a hearty "mazal tov!"
At some point, our original driver and his mother left the bus while all of us clapped hands and the Yiddish-speaking passengers shouted "Mazal tov. Mazal tov.
"Mazal tov, my friend, I recall our New York meeting last September warmly," he wrote.
Immediately afterwards, mass congratulation ensues and people say "mazal tov" to one another regardless of whether they actually got married.