mazel tov

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ma·zel tov

also ma·zal tov  (mä′zəl tôf′, tôv′, tōv′)
Used to express congratulations or best wishes.

[Mishnaic Hebrew mazzāl ṭôb, good luck : mazzāl, constellation, destiny (ultimately from Akkadian manzaltu, mazzaztum, position of a star, from izuzzu, to stand; see ḏwḏ in Semitic roots) + ṭôb, good; see ṭyb in Semitic roots.]
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ma•zel tov

(ˈmɑ zəl ˌtɔv, ˌtɔf, ˌtoʊv)

(used to express congratulations).
[1860–65; < Yiddish < Hebrew mazzāl tōbh good luck]
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In subsequent interviews, DiNovo claimed she received a death threat for her anti-Palestinian vote and was quoted by the Jewish Tribune saying, "( we Christians know our roots and we know, because we read our Scripture, that Jews are the Chosen People of the Chosen Land of Israel, so mazel tov."
For a dinner with a difference, visit the glass-roofed Mazel Tov restaurant, where you'll eat in a courtyard under the stars.
And songs from later in their career - like Mazel Tov Cocktail and You Took The Sunshine From New York - are sung loudly like terrace anthems.
"I'd like to say mazel tov to everyone for running an aboveboard race.
Big congrats and mazel tov to Tom "Dr Strangelove" Karangelov and Torey Pudwill who wed their special lady friends recently.
"Good, I'll take some photos then - mazel tov!" the actor replied.
The seemingly WASPy mom and dad raised their teacups for a toast, grinned at their adorable children and, to my astonishment, bellowed, "Mazel tov!"
After a Catholic ceremony, he wrapped a wine glass in a bar towel and had me stamp on it to a cry of Mazel Tov.
Type "mazel tov," and, just like with "congratulations," cutesy animation will ensue.
delivers a variety of messages and art suitable for Jewish everyday card occasions, such as Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Birthday, Wedding, Sympathy, Baby and Mazel Tov, as well as Jewish holidays such as Passover and Hanukkah."
The insider added that Oswalt broke glass at the end of the ceremony, and the guests shouted "Mazel Tov." After the ceremony, the newlyweds and their guests retreated into the studio for the reception.
Try a piquant bowl of goulash in its spiritual home before cleansing your palate in Mazel Tov ( or one of Budapest's other 'ruin bars' (set up in abandoned buildings).