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A large drinking bowl or goblet made of metal or hard wood.

[Middle English, from Old French masere, kind of wood, maple burl, of Germanic origin.]


(ˈmeɪzə) ,




obsolete a large hardwood drinking bowl
[C12: from Old French masere, of Germanic origin; compare Old Norse mösurr maple]


(ˈmeɪ zər)

a large drinking bowl made orig. of wood.
[1150–1200; Middle English: kind of wood (probably maple), Old English mæser-; c. Middle High German maser maple, drinking cup, Old Norse mǫsurr maple]
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Noun1.mazer - a large hardwood drinking bowlmazer - a large hardwood drinking bowl  
bowl - a round vessel that is open at the top; used chiefly for holding food or liquids;
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