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adj. maz·i·er, maz·i·est
Resembling a maze, as in design or complexity; labyrinthine.

maz′i·ly adv.
maz′i·ness n.
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Fettes was far through his third tumbler, stupidly fuddled, now nodding over, now staring mazily around him; but at the last word he seemed to awaken, and repeated the name
Redmond mazily dribbled infield from the right, teasing and drawing in Palace defenders, and the ball was recycled on the other flank.
The remainder of the song shifts between fear of abandonment versus hope for a love that will never "dissolve on the beach." Directly following those words, we again hear the "entreaty motive" (Example 3a) in the piano, and then in the vocal line as she continues to "wander mazily" in her mind.