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n. Slang
Money; cash.

[Yiddish mazume, mezumen, cash, from Medieval Hebrew məzummān, fixed currency, from Mishnaic Hebrew, fixed, passive participle of zimmēn, to arrange, invite, from Hebrew zəmān, appointed time, from Aramaic zəmān, zəman, from Akkadian simānu, season, time, from wasāmu, asāmu, to be fitting; see wsm in Semitic roots.]


slang chiefly US money
[C20: from Yiddish]


(məˈzu mə)

Slang. money.
[1875–80; < Yiddish mezumen < Hebrew mezūmān set, fixed]
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Slang. Something, such as coins or printed bills, used as a medium of exchange:
Informal: wampum.
Chiefly British: brass.
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But don't forget to burn a few punk sticks in the joss house to the great god Mazuma from time to time.
And under the entry for mazuma (money), we find another folk saying: "It's not that money makes everything good; it's that no money makes everything bad" (p.
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We had people admitting they cried at Mazuma mobile adverts, people who cried because it was raining and they'd just straightened their hair.
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The firm, based in St Paul's Square, specialises in TV and digital production of commercials for all media outlets and counts Amex Global Business Travel and Mazuma Mobile among its clients.
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Nera duomenu, pagal kuriuos butu galima spresti, ar visos minetosios gyvenvietes jau turejo miesto pozymiu, greiciausiai tik ju mazuma.
Mazuma Capital has completed a $15MM lease financing transaction for an international energy company.
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