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 (mə-zûr′kə, -zo͝or′-)
1. A Polish dance resembling the polka, usually in 3/4 or 3/8 time with the second beat heavily accented, and frequently adopted as a ballet form.
2. The music for this dance.

[Russian, possibly from Polish (tańczyć) mazurka, (to dance) the mazurka, accusative of mazurek, dance of the Mazovians, from diminutive of Mazur, person from Mazovia, a historical region of eastern Poland.]
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(məˈzɜːkə) or


1. (Dancing) a Polish national dance in triple time
2. (Music, other) a piece of music composed for this dance
[C19: from Polish: (dance) of Mazur (Mazovia) province in Poland]
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(məˈzɜr kə, -ˈzʊər-)

n., pl. -kas.
1. a lively Polish dance in moderately quick triple meter.
2. music for or in the rhythm of this dance.
[1810–20; < Polish, from Mazur Mazovia (district in N Poland)]
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Noun1.mazurka - music composed for dancing the mazurkamazurka - music composed for dancing the mazurka
dance music - music to dance to
2.mazurka - a Polish national dance in triple timemazurka - a Polish national dance in triple time
folk dance, folk dancing - a style of dancing that originated among ordinary people (not in the royal courts)
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nMazurka f
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[məˈzɜːkə] nmazurca
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He taught certain uncouth lads, when they were of an age to enter society, the intricacies of contra dances, or the steps of the schottische and mazurka, and he was a marked figure in all social assemblies, though conspicuously absent from town-meetings and the purely masculine gatherings at the store or tavern or bridge.
The week before, Kitty had told her mother of a conversation she had with Vronsky during a mazurka. This conversation had partly reassured the princess; but perfectly at ease she could not be.
He led the mazurka at the Arkharovs' ball, talked about the war with Field Marshal Kamenski, visited the English Club, and was on intimate terms with a colonel of forty to whom Denisov had introduced
The piano at the foot of the staircase clanged through a mazurka with brazen impetuosity, as though a vulgar and impudent ghost were showing off.
he danced the mazurka with me and wanted to make me an offer next day; but I thanked him in flattering expressions and told him that my heart had long been another's.
She trifled away half an hour at the piano; and played, in that time, selections from the Songs of Mendelssohn, the Mazurkas of Chopin, the Operas of Verdi, and the Sonatas of Mozart -- all of whom had combined together on this occasion and produced one immortal work, entitled "Frank." She closed the piano and went up to her room, to dream away the hours luxuriously in visions of her married future.
Resume, successful at Cork on Saturday, can follow up under a 5lb penalty in the penultimate leg of the Derrinstown Apprentice Series (4.30) in which Mazurka rates a danger.
No genre of Frederic Chopin's oeuvre carries such an enduring aura of otherness than does the mazurka. This persistent strain of difference may explain the diversity of critical and historiographical strategies that exist to explain, contain, and otherwise frame the genre for our greater understanding.
2.45: QUEEN OF SILK (M J Kinane, 9-2) 1; Mazurka (6-1) 2; Geisha Girl (10-1) 3; Kananaskis 6-4f.
of Worcester; a daughter, Sandra Lemerise of Worcester; a brother, Richard Kempinski of Charlton; two sisters: Marilyn Mazurka of Sturbridge and Carol Lee of Niceville, Fl., two granddaughters; nieces and nephews.
The folk dances finding their accompaniment to this music--the Hungarian czardas, the Polish mazurka, the German waltz, the Russian trepak, and even English Morris dancing--have a recognizably formalized shape.
Shelia Lyon, 45,from St Helens, remembers Halpin teaching her class to dance a mazurka.