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or me-too  (mē′to͞o′)
adj. Informal
Using principles, practices, or designs copied from and closely similar to those of a rival.

me′-too′er n.
me′-too′ism n.


slang a person who does something merely because someone else has done it


characterized by me-tooism.
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He sees AMT-061 with a 12+ month lead to be the first commercially viable gene therapy for Hemophilia B and contends the "first mover advantage is likely to be significant," especially if the product's safety profile, established manufacturing, clinical outcomes and clinical lead are compelling enough for Pfizer (PFE) to have second thoughts for its "potentially inferior me-too program" for SPK-9001.
According to the degree of innovation, innovative drugs / medical devices can be divided into 4 categories: me-too, me-better, first-in-class and global-new.
"Some of those previous records were set in years when there were a lot of drugs that critics bemoaned were me-too medicines: novel chemical entities that all addressed the same common therapeutic targets," said FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb.
Focusing on the "me-too debate" was and is, in the opinion of the President of the National Council Wolfgang Sobotka, "undoubtedly important".
The Harvey Weinstein Hollywood Film Producer known more after 'Me-Too cases' involved in more than 70 harassments cases, requires forgiveness in Television interview, Saying his focus now and in future is only his family.
The PSL may be all about cricket but it's still a 'me-too' event for Pakistan in many ways, including non-cricketing happenings like the opening and closing ceremonies.
Q: What do you think about the "me-too" movement in South Korea?
When programmers are content to throw out the sort of me-too fare that mimics what cable networks are already supplying in abundance, well, "Grit" happens.
For starters, don't be fooled by what are called "me-too" drugs: drugs that are chemically similar to existing drugs and work in the same way.
The me-too strategy: a similar product with a distinctive name placed alongside the leader
Summary: For the first column in 2013, I did not want a me-too article about sukuk issuance for year ahead, central bank authorisation of a mega Islamic bank, or new IFSB or OIFI standards, but shine a spotlight on 'unsung heroes' of an Islamic financial institution.
"It's not just a me-too dustpan with a garden rake," says Romero, adding that she loves inventing.