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or me-too  (mē′to͞o′)
adj. Informal
Using principles, practices, or designs copied from and closely similar to those of a rival.

me′-too′er n.
me′-too′ism n.
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Never having been a me-tooer or unhealthily tied to the field's orthodoxy or, perish the thought, the panjandrums who produced it, because I believe it is to the African principle our allegiance is owed first and foremost and not the personality(ies) articulating it at the time, my analyses are presented self-consciously exercising my freedom--meaning my ability to interpret phenomenon in ways contiguous with African ancestral deep thought--and my literacy--meaning the ability to apply this freedom to contemporary living (definitions of freedom and literacy inspired by Harris, 1992).
What there have been are me-tooers and line extensions.