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Playing at Cafe WOW a Eugene's Gossamer Strings, supported by folk singer and musician Caitlin Jemma (who also is AaAeAeA playing at Cottage Grove's Axe & Fiddle on Sunda and Willamette Valley string band Meadow Rue. The Gossamer Stings is a duo of Kyle McGonegle and Liat Lis that plays old-time folk AaAeAeA musi Cafe WOW, 291 W.
For something special, Thalictrum delavayi 'Splendide' (meadow rue) is a beautiful and delicate perennial with mauve flowers atop tall stems throughout the summer.
The deep blue petals of closed gentian illuminated the forest floor, along with the starburst white of tall meadow rue. I signaled Matika to stay back as we approached a beaver pond, hoping to spot its inhabitant.
Toad trillium and early meadow rue are pushing up out of the ground.