meadow saxifrage

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Noun1.Meadow saxifrage - rosette-forming perennial having compact panicles of white flowersmeadow saxifrage - rosette-forming perennial having compact panicles of white flowers; Europe
genus Saxifraga, Saxifraga - type genus of the Saxifragaceae; large genus of usually perennial herbs of Arctic and cool regions of northern hemisphere: saxifrage
breakstone, rockfoil, saxifrage - any of various plants of the genus Saxifraga
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CHURCHYARDS THROUGHOUT the UK, churchyards are helping to ensure the survival of rare grassland species such as pignut, meadow saxifrage and burnet saxifrage.
For example, with thanks to careful management we still have flowers like the rare Meadow Saxifrage in the lovely Gwernaffield churchyard.
Upland meadow flowers include wood crane's-bill, lady's mantle, pignut, globe flower, red clover, meadow vetchling, great burnet, ragged robin, melancholy thistle, meadow buttercup, selfheal, ribwort plantain, common knapweed, rough hawkbit, meadow saxifrage, devil's-bit scabious, sneezewort and common sorrel.