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Any of various songbirds of the genus Sturnella of the Americas, especially S. magna and S. neglecta, having brownish plumage, a yellow breast, and a black crescent-shaped marking beneath the throat.
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(Animals) either of two North American yellow-breasted songbirds, Sturnella magna (eastern meadowlark) or S. neglecta (western meadowlark): family Icteridae (American orioles)
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(ˈmɛd oʊˌlɑrk)

either of two grassland-dwelling North American songbirds of the genus Sturnella, of the oriole subfamily, having a brown-streaked back and a yellow breast.
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Noun1.meadowlark - North American songbirds having a yellow breastmeadowlark - North American songbirds having a yellow breast
American oriole, New World oriole, oriole - American songbird; male is black and orange or yellow
genus Sturnella, Sturnella - a genus of passerine birds including the meadowlarks
eastern meadowlark, Sturnella magna - a meadowlark of eastern North America
Sturnella neglecta, western meadowlark - a meadowlark of western North America
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Our findings indicate that restoring interacting fire and grazing in fragmented Midwest grasslands may create an environment for stable meadowlark nest survival rates over time.
One of the species ecologists are most concerned about is the western meadowlark - Oregon's state bird.
The most commonly seen grassland species were bobolink (Dolichonyx oryzivorus), eastern meadowlark (Sturnella magma), grasshopper sparrow (Ammodramus savannarum), Henslow's sparrow (A.
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Allan Michael Beavan, 24, of Meadowlark Close, St Mellons, Cardiff, was fined pounds 50 and given a 12-month conditional discharge after admitting failing to comply with a community rehabilitation order.
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