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also mie·lie  (mē′lē)
n. South African
1. An ear of corn.
2. mealies Corn; maize.

[Afrikaans mielie, ultimately from Latin milium, millet (perhaps via Portuguese milho); see melə- in Indo-European roots.]


(ˈmiːlɪ) or


(Agriculture) South African an ear of maize
[C19: from Afrikaans milie, from Portuguese milho, from Latin milium millet]


(ˈmi li)

n. South African.
2. an ear of corn.
[1850–55; < Afrikaans mielie < Portuguese milho maize, millet < Latin milium millet]
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Noun1.mealie - an ear of cornmealie - an ear of corn      
Republic of South Africa, South Africa - a republic at the southernmost part of Africa; achieved independence from the United Kingdom in 1910; first European settlers were Dutch (known as Boers)
capitulum, spike, ear - fruiting spike of a cereal plant especially corn
References in classic literature ?
My mother called the white-faced cow and gave it mealie leaves which she had brought with her.
There are the sheer kloofs cut in the hills by the rushing rains of centuries, down which the rivers sparkle; there is the deepest green of the bush, growing as God planted it, and the other greens of the mealie gardens and the sugar patches, while now and again a white house, smiling out at the placid sea, puts a finish and gives an air of homeliness to the scene.
The duo say they have also negotiated an off-take deal with Boxer Stores for the maize mealie meal that they will produce from the mill, as well as with Epol for the hominy chop that will be the residue from the milling process.
Many years before his own experiences as a migrant worker, Budala's father and other men in his village had taken the same journey but independently, taking some mealie meal with them and, on the way, doing ganyu (casual work) to pay their way south.
Similar to carp anglers, serious dough fishermen have devised "secret" recipes incorporating such flavourings as curry powder, molasses and even beer, adding them to a stiff mixture of mealie meal, fish pellets and/or animal feed blocks.
More than 16 hours after setting off, he'll get to Peterhead, where a proper haggis and a mealie pudding supper awaits.
Seeking sanctuary behind barricades of biscuit boxes and mealie bags, they held firm against a ceaseless onslaught that began at 4.
People with special dietary requirements won't feel left out either, with a wide range of items such as gluten- and sugar-free products on offer, including specialty cake flours, crumpet & pancake flours, pizza & waffle flours and polenta mealie bread mix, to name just a few.
The letter reveals how, together with a comrade, he fortified the mission station by organising a makeshift barricade from 200lb (91kg) mealie bags which were stacked 5ft (1.
The following day, ACO Dunne picked up a delivery note for the mealie bags and used it to write the letter to friend Captain WJ Warneford in Cape Colony in South Africa.
Cook that the price of mealie meal rose every day but her pay remained the same.
Because we are so used to mealie pap as part of our daily diet, it is easy to forget that the significance of this food source is not only due to its availability and affordability, but that it is also a nutritious product in its own right.