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also mie·lie  (mē′lē)
n. South African
1. An ear of corn.
2. mealies Corn; maize.

[Afrikaans mielie, ultimately from Latin milium, millet (perhaps via Portuguese milho); see melə- in Indo-European roots.]


(ˈmiːlɪ) or


(Agriculture) South African an ear of maize
[C19: from Afrikaans milie, from Portuguese milho, from Latin milium millet]


(ˈmi li)

n. South African.
2. an ear of corn.
[1850–55; < Afrikaans mielie < Portuguese milho maize, millet < Latin milium millet]
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Noun1.mealie - an ear of cornmealie - an ear of corn      
Republic of South Africa, South Africa - a republic at the southernmost part of Africa; achieved independence from the United Kingdom in 1910; first European settlers were Dutch (known as Boers)
capitulum, spike, ear - fruiting spike of a cereal plant especially corn
References in classic literature ?
My mother called the white-faced cow and gave it mealie leaves which she had brought with her.
There are the sheer kloofs cut in the hills by the rushing rains of centuries, down which the rivers sparkle; there is the deepest green of the bush, growing as God planted it, and the other greens of the mealie gardens and the sugar patches, while now and again a white house, smiling out at the placid sea, puts a finish and gives an air of homeliness to the scene.
Through its commercial unit, GMB produces rice, mealie meal, salt and various other things.
And as the dog screamed for more food, the cook just turned up the heat, creating bigger and bigger popcorn, but still with only the same limited amount of energy as contained in the mealie pips.
Amelia Cameron -known as Mealie -attended her local, The Jolly Farmers, for 73 years before her death on November 15 last year.
Peacefully on 17th December, aged 85 years, Mealie, beloved wife of the late Kenny, a much loved mam of John, Paula and the late Shirley and Carol, a loving nana, great nana, sister, sisterinlaw, motherinlaw and aunt to all the family.
A staple food for the poorest Zimbabwean is mealie meal - bags of corn that can be boiled up into porridge or stews.
for nshima, you put pot of water on fire, wait for it to be hot, then you make like porridge, wait for it to boil, start adding mealie meal bit by bit while you continue stirring, until you see it starts becoming very thick, but not very strong, when it is ready then you put the lid on top of the pot and wait, that is when you can put it on a plate.
It's great to be back in the land of butteries and mealie puddings, though I shouldn't talk about my friends like that.
9 Troop, lay in a mealie field till dark and then walked back to camp, his horse having come in with us.
Not that anything will wipe the smiles off their mealie - or rather muesli - mouths.