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adj. meal·i·er, meal·i·est
1. Resembling meal in texture or consistency; granular: mealy potatoes.
a. Made of or containing meal.
b. Sprinkled or covered with meal or a similar granular substance.
3. Flecked with spots; mottled.
4. Lacking healthy coloring; pale: "I only know two sorts of boys. Mealy boys, and beef-faced boys" (Charles Dickens).
5. Mealy-mouthed.

meal′i·ness n.
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you'll make yourself giddy, an' tumble down i' the dirt," said Luke, the head miller, a tall, broad-shouldered man of forty, black-eyed and black-haired, subdued by a general mealiness, like an auricula.
The apple storage in ULO maintains higher flesh firmness, lower physiological disorders, such as superficial scald [37,55], flesh breakdown and mealiness [53].
Participatory rural appraisal and selection is used to identify provitamin A cassava varieties that best meet farmer-preferred traits including high yield, early maturity, tolerance to pests and diseases, dry matter content, poundability, mealiness, sweetness, ease of peeling, marketability, and in-ground storage durability [40].
Identification of a novel [alpha]-L-arabinofuranosidase gene associated with mealiness in apple.
Nevertheless, the lower flesh firmness may be correlated to the higher mealiness on fruits submitted to the boron application, once some researchers suggested that ethylene production activates enzymes that degrade the cell wall, decrease the flesh firmness and increase mealiness (PAYASI et al., 2009).
Cell wall metabolism during the development of chilling injury in cold- stored peach fruit: association of mealiness with arrested disassembly of cell wall pectins.
The assessors developed a list of profiling attributes and agreed on: redness of the surface skin, redness of the fruit tissue evaluated as the 1 cm layer just below the skin, firmness, crispness, sourness, sweetness, mealiness and tomato flavor.
Peaches 'Douradao' stored at low temperatures for prolonged periods can show a form of chilling injury called woolliness (mealiness), characterized by a lack of juiciness and a mealy texture (SANTANA et al., 2010).
And then there is the taste: A sip of genuine, pure camel milk provides the taste buds a light and clear impression of freshness, then lays a breeze of pleasant mealiness on the tongue and leaves a mystical, very light bitterness at the finish.
Heavy rainfall when fruits are nearly ripe leads to mealiness and reduced sweetness.