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Adj.1.mealymouthed - hesitant to state facts or opinions simply and directly as from e.g. timidity or hypocrisymealymouthed - hesitant to state facts or opinions simply and directly as from e.g. timidity or hypocrisy; "a mealymouthed politician"
indirect - extended senses; not direct in manner or language or behavior or action; "making indirect but legitimate inquiries"; "an indirect insult"; "doubtless they had some indirect purpose in mind"; "though his methods are indirect they are not dishonest"; "known as a shady indirect fellow"
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The boat-ramming situation cried out for fist-shaking and screaming of imprecations like 'outrageous' and 'disgusting.' I yelled 'pusillanimous SOBs' at the mealymouthed officials who merely expressed 'dismay'; I almost shattered the TV screen when I aimed the remote at the Agriculture Secretary.
It seems clear that while the conference in its official statements has been mealymouthed, bishops along the border have felt free to be more impassioned in their responses.
Lest we forget, men are routinely denied access to children in Family Courts and - though lawyers, barristers and judges obfuscate and hide the truth behind mealymouthed verisimilitude - men are treated as second class citizens when families break down (and, often, even when they don't).
Alongside climate change, poverty and inequality Brexit is the key issue of our times and Labour can no longer afford to have a mealymouthed and equivocal position on the latter when we are so clear on the former and delivering in Government in Wales.
He said: "They did this mealymouthed consultation with the people.
Even when old friends and colleagues have spoken up on his behalf there's been a tendency to do so in a mealymouthed or halfhearted manner.
No ifs, buts, retrospective immunity to let JC off the hook for previous comments, or mealymouthed free speech get-outs.
A CHRISTMAS CAROL Cumbernauld Theatre November 30 to December 24 Box Office: 01236 732887 A fantastic new adaptation of an all-time classic, theatre-goers of all ages will love this tale of magic and mayhem that includes beautiful designs, friendly ghosts and, of course, the mealymouthed Scrooge!
In a response described as "mealymouthed waffle" by Ms Eagle, Home Secretary Amber Rudd has written to her with a longwinded list of projects and initiatives that she believes will help the force deal with gun crime.
And we are angry too at the mealymouthed pundits' failure to call a spade a spade and instead offer a cocktail of weary cynicism, about "winning a penalty", "feeling contact" and having "a right to go down." We shouldn't be surprised that a group of players who had a hair-trigger tumble in their own skill-set should condone pulling the wool over the ref's eyes, see it as legitimate and, who knows, maybe even something to be celebrated.
For example, Professor Clinton comes out strongly in favor of honest rejection letters, which would replace the mealymouthed forms now used by most law reviews.
Name and shame our failing leaders I AM sick of reading about motorbike yobs, travellers and fly-tippers, and reading the mealymouthed responses of councillors and police.