meandering stream

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me·an·der·ing stream

A stream that has multiple successive meanders and develops in relatively flat areas, such as a floodplain, where sediment consists primarily of fine sands, silts, and muds.
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when many men still lived who had seen the Christ; here Mary Magdalen died, and here the Virgin Mary ended her days with John, albeit Rome has since judged it best to locate her grave elsewhere; six or seven hundred years ago--almost yesterday, as it were--troops of mail-clad Crusaders thronged the streets; and to come down to trifles, we speak of meandering streams, and find a new interest in a common word when we discover that the crooked river Meander, in yonder valley, gave it to our dictionary.
The novel is like a steady, meandering stream with gentle turns and splashes, but with quantum physics, astronomy and the Big Bang Theory seamlessly woven in the tale.
Transforming an impaired lake into a healthy, meandering stream that naturally goes with the flow took years of watershed planning -- and patience.
The peace and tranquillity transform you to a world of self sufficiency, grassing animals, fruit and vegetable gardens, woodland and a meandering stream. The cottage is located a short two-minute drive from the historic ferry town of Portaferry and is just forty minutes from Belfast.
The residence is constructed largely of local materials that are thoughtfully assembled in a manner that ebbs and flows, reminiscent of a meandering stream. The doorways and entries into each section of the home are tiny, misleading the visitor into believing that they are entering the fictional home of a hobbit.
It was impossible to believe that The Roof Gardens on the sixth floor, with a meandering stream, flamingoes and parts of it reminiscent of the famous Alhambra, could be a bare five-minute walk from the buzz of Kensington.
They date from 1987-1989 and have titles like The Village in the Valley and The Meandering Stream. I have been given them to sell for an Indian charity I am raising funds for and want to get the best price for them.
It also has a delightful summerhouse retreat, ideal guest quarters, with lake, meandering stream and bridges.
The downslope direction of landslides/slumps in the region is dominantly controlled by Gharbina meandering stream. Both sides of the stream are prone to active landslide sites for example showing a minor scarp mud house constructed in stream bed and a village on landslide prone slope (Fig.
They include an expansive lawn, bordered on one side by a meandering stream with bridges and a pool.