meandering stream

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me·an·der·ing stream

A stream that has multiple successive meanders and develops in relatively flat areas, such as a floodplain, where sediment consists primarily of fine sands, silts, and muds.
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when many men still lived who had seen the Christ; here Mary Magdalen died, and here the Virgin Mary ended her days with John, albeit Rome has since judged it best to locate her grave elsewhere; six or seven hundred years ago--almost yesterday, as it were--troops of mail-clad Crusaders thronged the streets; and to come down to trifles, we speak of meandering streams, and find a new interest in a common word when we discover that the crooked river Meander, in yonder valley, gave it to our dictionary.
It was impossible to believe that The Roof Gardens on the sixth floor, with a meandering stream, flamingoes and parts of it reminiscent of the famous Alhambra, could be a bare five-minute walk from the buzz of Kensington.
approximately 900 m2;- Construction of a new meandering stream bed (bottom width 1m) by bulldozing an area of ?
They date from 1987-1989 and have titles like The Village in the Valley and The Meandering Stream.
It also has a delightful summerhouse retreat, ideal guest quarters, with lake, meandering stream and bridges.
The downslope direction of landslides/slumps in the region is dominantly controlled by Gharbina meandering stream.
They include an expansive lawn, bordered on one side by a meandering stream with bridges and a pool.
A special feature of this striking home is the surrounding gardens which include a private lake and meandering stream which follows woodland and wild gardens.
With a meandering stream running through it, the extensive garden now has several seating areas, bridges, perfect lawns, a rockery, raised beds, mature planting and wild flower areas.
Once these beavers are gone, officials say, the town will have to monitor the situation because the area, with its meandering stream, is attractive to the species.
PNN Bounded by citrus groves and nestled deep in the fertile valley of Wadi Qana, thousands of olive trees in Deir Istiya have been growing for years on either side of a meandering stream.