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intr.v. me·an·dered, me·an·der·ing, me·an·ders
1. To follow a winding and turning course: Streams tend to meander through level land.
2. To move aimlessly and idly without fixed direction: vagabonds meandering through life. See Synonyms at wander.
3. To speak or write in sustained fashion on a number of loosely connected topics.
4. To be directed in various directions or at multiple objects: His gaze meandered over the church's façade.
1. often meanders A bend, turn, or winding, as of a stream or path.
2. A portion, side trip, or episode in a longer journey.
3. A passage on a subtopic or digression in a longer piece of discourse.
4. An ornamental pattern of winding or intertwining lines, used in art and architecture.

[From Latin maeander, circuitous windings, from Greek maiandros, after Maiandros, the Maeander River in Phrygia, noted for its windings.]

me·an′der·er n.
me·an′der·ing·ly adv.
me·an′drous (-drəs) adj.
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Adv.1.meanderingly - in a meandering mannermeanderingly - in a meandering manner; "the river ran meanderingly through the valley"
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It's probably because the ponderous crime anthology's first season caused such a stir when it premiered five (yes, five) years ago, and viewers became enraptured by its extra-motivated star, Matthew McConaughey, who spun gold from the less impressive straw of creator Nic Pizzolotto's meanderingly grim, pretentiously philosophical and even hackneyed notion of what a prestige crime drama set in the South ought to look like.
We didn't think our first job was important; it was just a job and would eventually, meanderingly lead to The Job.
The Englishman has an easy, appealing way about him both in his music and his general chat as he introduces his songs with meanderingly entertaining anecdotes.
Irish author Bernard MacLaverty's approach is understated and meanderingly paced.