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1. Possible to be measured: measurable depths.
2. Of distinguished importance; significant: a measurable figure in literature.

meas′ur·a·bil′i·ty n.
meas′ur·a·bly adv.
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Adv.1.measurably - to a measurable degreemeasurably - to a measurable degree; "the difference is measurably large"
immeasurably - to an immeasurable degree; beyond measurement; "the war left him immeasurably fearful of what man can do to man"
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advmessbar; (= perceptibly)deutlich
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I read his History of England, and I could measurably console myself with that, but only measurably; and I could not go back to the essays and read them again, for it seemed to me I had absorbed them so thoroughly that I had left nothing unenjoyed in them.
The ground ought to be measurably sacred by this time, one would think.
Now that the queen was at ease in her mind once more, and measurably happy, her wine naturally began to assert itself again, and it got a little the start of her.
A devil born to a young couple is measurably recognizable by them as a devil before long, but a devil adopted by an old couple is an angel to them, and remains so, through thick and thin.
Tom was impatient to go to the haunted house; Huck was measurably so, also -- but suddenly said:
The Gilt rate declined measurably too, closing at 0.439%, after PM Johnson moved to suspend parliament.
Therefore, the Community Health Worker pilot will link individuals to resources that can measurably impact their health outcomes and help achieve health equity in our communities."
5W's bold, resourceful and thoroughly modern approach has measurably increased the positive results of their clients' communication efforts.
With a commitment to delivering a measurably better experience to borrowers, radius has been nationally and locally recognized for its continued growth and achievements since 1999.
Johnson Controls (NYSE: JCI), the supplier of air handling and building controls equipment worldwide, and AtmosAirTM Solutions, the manufacturer of air purification systems using Bi-Polar Ionization, have partnered to deliver measurably cleaner indoor air quality, the company said.
Washington: The IDB approved a US$20 million loan to support the Government of Jamaica's efforts to measurably increase the conviction rate for murders and other violent crimes.