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But are you not measured, then, when you give an order?"
Without counting the time lost in being measured, the fashions are always changing."
In the first place, as you have said, to be measured is a loss of time, even though it occur only once a fortnight.
"I congratulated myself, then," resumed Porthos, "at seeing Mouston get fat; and I did all I could, by means of substantial feeding, to make him stout - always in the hope that he would come to equal myself in girth, and could then be measured in my stead."
"From that moment I determined to put Mouston in communication with my tailors, and to have him measured instead of myself."
They measured him down to the ground, and the end of the skirt came just below my knee."
It is in length three GLOMGLUNGS (which make about fifty-four English miles,) and two and a half in breadth; as I measured it myself in the royal map made by the king's order, which was laid on the ground on purpose for me, and extended a hundred feet: I paced the diameter and circumference several times barefoot, and, computing by the scale, measured it pretty exactly.
I measured a little finger which had fallen down from one of these statues, and lay unperceived among some rubbish, and found it exactly four feet and an inch in length.
Paul's: for I measured the latter on purpose, after my return.
'Now what can he want with it?' thought Big Klaus; and he smeared some tar at the bottom, so that of whatever was measured a little should remain in it.
Other conclusions are: (a) the lowest, repeatable [I.sub.c] is not always the correct value, (b) overshoot or drift in the field can cause significant differences in the measured [I.sub.c] (c) a smooth sweep of field angles is needed to obtain reproducible results, (d) overshoot or variations in the temperature can change the measured [I.sub.c] and (e) similar hysteresis was observed at criteria of 0.1 [micro]V/cm and 1 [micro]V/cm.
It was obvious to Mooney that his "viscometer" measured a mix of elements of different true viscosity.