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1. Determined by measurement: The measured distance was less than a mile.
2. Careful; restrained: spoke in measured words.
3. Calculated; deliberate: with measured irony.
4. Regular in rhythm and number: "A clock struck slowly in the house with a measured, solemn chime" (Thomas Wolfe).
5. Slow and stately.
6. Written in meter.
7. Music Mensural.

meas′ured·ly adv.
meas′ured·ness n.
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Adv.1.measuredly - in a deliberate unhurried mannermeasuredly - in a deliberate unhurried manner; "she was working deliberately"
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He must avoid emotional responses and respond as measuredly to sorrows as he does to successes.
And if he consumes but moderately and measuredly and with temperance so that it is sufficient for his body size and complexion, he will stay healthy for a long time and live a long life.' Education, The Prose Works of Sir Gilbert Hay.

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