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1. Determined by measurement: The measured distance was less than a mile.
2. Careful; restrained: spoke in measured words.
3. Calculated; deliberate: with measured irony.
4. Regular in rhythm and number: "A clock struck slowly in the house with a measured, solemn chime" (Thomas Wolfe).
5. Slow and stately.
6. Written in meter.
7. Music Mensural.

meas′ured·ly adv.
meas′ured·ness n.
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Adv.1.measuredly - in a deliberate unhurried mannermeasuredly - in a deliberate unhurried manner; "she was working deliberately"
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Missoula succeeds because it doesn't allow the reader to look away; it matter-of-factly and measuredly holds up an unflinching lens to events in the small Montana town.
But, actually, mostly he lives on the road, slowly, measuredly building his craft.
The Warwickshire supporters were now drowning out the home fans and their players moved slowly and measuredly on to the attack, and with 17 ends gone the scores were level at 109 shots each.