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Noun1.meat grinder - a mill for grinding meatmeat grinder - a mill for grinding meat    
milling machinery, grinder, mill - machinery that processes materials by grinding or crushing
2.meat grinder - any action resulting in injury or destruction; "the meat grinder of politics destroyed his reputation"; "allied forces crumbled before the Wehrmacht meat grinder"
aggression, hostility - violent action that is hostile and usually unprovoked
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He said the machine guard is critical to prevent workers from having close contact with large deadly machines like meat grinders and power saws.
ARAB NEWS Panasonic has introduced the latest made in Japan meat grinders, MK-ZJ3500 and MK-ZJ2700 to the regional market, as food preparation takes center stage this festive season.
One of the more spurious press releases in terms of what Campaign usually covers came across The Spin's desk last week with the title: "Panasonic's Newest Meat Grinders -- A 'Definite Must Have' for Middle Eastern Homes".
Panasonic introduces the latest made in Japan meat grinders, MK-ZJ3500 and MK-ZJ2700 to the regional market, as food preparation takes centre stage this festive season.
"We have ensured that has a large stock of kitchen appliances such as hand blenders, meat grinders, rice cookers, etc, so our customers can purchase all their goods easily online without having to leave the comfort of their homes."
I had gathered a few meat grinders from sales and family members.
Mrs M Oliver Chippenham, Wiltshire Zena says: Meat grinders often have a sausage-making attachment.
The complaint alleges that the children under 16 were employed in the operation or tending of power-driven machinery, including meat grinders and circular saws.
A bipartisan group of senators has introduced legislation (S 1357) that is intended to overcome the results of recent federal lawsuits that hinder USDA's ability to enforce pathogen standards for Salmonella and to require meat grinders to stop using low-quality, potentially contaminated beef trimmings.
* Manual Meat Grinders * Electric Meat Grinders * Specialty Mills: Poppyseed, Bean Slicer, Kitchen Grinding Mill * Hamburger Makers (Single and Double) * 10-piece Stainless Steel Knife Set * Cabbage Slicer * Roma Food Strainer and Accessories: Berry Screen, Salsa Screen, Pumpkin/Squash Screen, and Grape Spiral * Pasta Maker and additional Cutting Heads: Angel Hair, Lasagna, Fettuccini, Ravioli, and Spaghetti * 2-Speed Electric Motor Attachment for Roma Food Strainer and Pasta Maker * Wine Press
Both types of meat grinders come with a clamp or a tabletop mounting.