meat hooks

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meat hook

1. A hook used to hang the carcasses of slaughtered animals or large pieces of meat.
2. meat hooks Slang The hands or fists.
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Noun1.meat hooks - large strong hand (as of a fighter)meat hooks - large strong hand (as of a fighter); "wait till I get my hooks on him"
hand, manus, mitt, paw - the (prehensile) extremity of the superior limb; "he had the hands of a surgeon"; "he extended his mitt"
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Walk around the streets of Hong Kong and chances are, you'll see several restaurants with roasted geese hanging from meat hooks, looking invitingly juicy and tender.
The large handle and thick frame slabs will accommodate ample-sized meat hooks yet, despite its size, the 2quared weighs in at a very manageable 6.2 oz.--a full ounce less than your old Buck 110--thanks to the weight savings from the titanium frame.
The extensive rear of the property, including the servants' quarters and a further two bedrooms and a bathroom, is in a poor condition but includes the impressive old kitchen with its original meat hooks and a substantial boiler room.
And while it's perfect for holding your clothes in the bedroom, you could also use it as an installation for pots and pans over your kitchen sink, swapping the clothes hangers with some beautiful, vintage meat hooks from a butcher.
A dozen silicone sculptures dangle in Garner's Rack of Those Ravaged and Unconsenting, suspended by meat hooks from an eight-foot-square metal frame.
The court heard Mirza's sister sent him a number of videos, including some that showed IS militants beheading hostages, and one which showed "American spies" having their throats slit before being hanged upside down from meat hooks in an abattoir.
And the secondary kitchen, which has original beams overhead, includes a large fireplace and former bread oven along with meat hooks.
THE abattoir had high ceilings and menacing meat hooks protruding from the walls.
* On the equipment and options: side door, triple-rear doors, tail-lift, multi-temperature, bulk-head, shelves, meat hooks, meat hoists, load-lock, thermo-curtain
High Hedgefield House in Ryton dates from 1780 and still includes the original butler's pantry complete with meat hooks. There are three reception rooms with period fireplaces, four/five bedrooms, and kitchen with inglenook.
The whole cuts are hung from meat hooks in a room that not only is cool, but also airy; fans help move cold air around to dry things out evenly.
Filmed over the course of a year, director Kate Shenton's film follows people who practice Human Suspension, an art form which involves piecing meat hooks though the flesh and suspending in mid air from them.