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n. pl. me·a·tus·es or meatus
A body opening or passage, such as the opening of the ear or the urethral canal.

[Latin meātus, passage, from past participle of meāre, to pass; see mei- in Indo-European roots.]

me·a′tal (-təl) adj.


(Anatomy) anatomy relating to, affecting, or forming a meatus


a. meatal, concerniente al meato.
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Silastic splints reduce middle meatal adhesions after endoscopic sinus surgery.
In this report, we present a very rare case of COM who underwent revision mastoidectomy in our clinic due to meatal obstruction in the right ear, total sensorineural hearing loss, and pain and tenderness in the postauricular region.
We performed bilateral ethmoidectomy and right-sided middle meatal antrostomy and found that the right maxillary sinus was filled with mucopurulent secretions.
Meatal ulceration, sterile urethritis or cystitis can be the main reasons of dysuria (9).
Uncinectomy and middle meatal antrostomy was performed in all cases.
Daily meatal cleansing without the use of antiseptics is also recommended (IHI, 2011).
Although meatal stenosis has not been reported in the literature, we have left the urethral meatus wide.
KEYWORDS: Duckett's urethroplasty; Hypospadias; post-operative complications; Meatal stenosis; Urethrocutaneous fistula.
A middle meatal procedure for drainage involving removal of the uncinate process was described around 1900 by Killian.
The management of hypospadias repair complications are performed after a period of healing over 4-6 months, with the exception of urethral or meatal stenosis, which require more emergent attention.
After preoperation assessment including subjective complains (snoring, sleep apnea, nasal blockage, mouth breathing, and daytime fatigue) and objective assessment (BMI, ENT examination, PSG, and computed tomography [CT] scan), all 12 patients went through bilateral endoscopic total ethmoidectomy, bilateral endoscopic middle meatal antrostomy with removal of maxillary sinus tissue, bilateral submucous resection of the inferior turbinates, and bilateral outfracturing of the inferior turbinates.