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having more meat; more thought-provoking: a meatier subject
Not to be confused with:
meteor – a fiery streak in the sky produced by a meteoroid passing through the earth’s atmosphere; a shooting star; something or someone that moves with spectacular speed: a meteoric rise in popularity
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adj. meat·i·er, meat·i·est
a. Of or relating to meat.
b. Having the flavor or smell of meat.
c. Full of or containing meat.
2. Heavily fleshed.
3. Prompting considerable thought: a meaty theme for study and debate.

meat′i·ness n.
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The tweaked Alpine is called the A110S and features a more powerful engine, up from 250bhp to 292bhp, revised suspension settings, a sports exhaust, wider tyres, a 4mm lower suspension and meatier brakes.
Mang Inasal recently made its Palabok meatier and its price even more affordable.
All beef breeds sold well with a premium given for the meatier types.
Summary: The acerbic aunt may also be the meatier part in the movie
Arnel del Barrio, PCC executive director, gave the carabaos the 'three-in-one' tag because these are sturdier work animals, better milk providers and meatier sources of food than the native carabaos.
bacon in that it is made using the loin and belly, sometimes referred to as middle bacon, as the middle of the pig literally is cured, resulting in a cut that is leaner and meatier. Dry-Cured Double Apple Wood Smoked Bacon is naturally apple wood smoked for double the time with a traditional smoke generator and real apple and maple woodchips to bring out an intense, but not oversmoked, flavor.
It's great that Chesney is getting meatier storylines and is becoming less of a wallpaper character but, alas, he's no match for the cunning Daniel, who is continually outwitting him in their sparring over mutual love interest Sinead.
by PTI Priyanka Chopra talking about equality for women in the film industry so they can get the meatier roles like their male counterparts.
"They need 85 to 90 degree days and 50 to 55 degree nights." That daily temperature swing, he says, produces the best flavors and makes Pueblo chiles thicker and meatier.
They range beyond the award of the exhibition and our cultural contribution to a meatier discussion about the North East's industry, transport links and governance.
IT WAS often overwrought and over the top, while it was difficult to have much sympathy with many of the characters - and yet One Of Us (BBC1, Tuesday) had a much better and meatier ending than I had expected it would.
You could use chicken thighs instead, for an even meatier version.