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adj. meat·i·er, meat·i·est
a. Of or relating to meat.
b. Having the flavor or smell of meat.
c. Full of or containing meat.
2. Heavily fleshed.
3. Prompting considerable thought: a meaty theme for study and debate.

meat′i·ness n.
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A touch of warming spice and meatiness through the mid-palate adds more oomph and the finish manages to combine weight and finesse in equal measure.
Rich, textured and medium to full-bodied, with ample black cherry, olive tapenade and subtle meatiness.
The judge, Llanfair PG butcher Tom Hughes, singled the 27kg pair out not just as a perfect match but also for their meatiness.
I ordered escargots, partly to freak out my friend, who is squeamish in such matters, and partly because I love the meatiness and garlicky thrum of a good snail.
Choose varieties with strong flavor, good acidity, and meatiness.
The Marquette from there has more of a Syrah-like feel: a meatiness, smokiness.
The true monsters of the garden, the meatiness of these cultivars screams sauce, with the advantage of typically intense, delicious flavors.
In general, consumers' preferences vary according to the taste and meatiness of beef, which are influenced by the fatty acid composition (FAG) and many other factors.
Puffed pork crackling is a delicious but quite complicated way to garnish a pork dish so swap it for a pack of good old pork scratchings, which add the same texture and meatiness.
Dry sherry, toasted cumin and almonds make for a wonderful flavour profile, along with the smoky meatiness of chorizo and pimenton, the smoked paprika widely used all over the country.
It's certainly a rockier record than its predecessor, but I'm not convinced that it's a better one, with some tracks sacrificing melody for metal meatiness.
Should it be toasty around the edges but still retain its chewy meatiness, or is it preferable to char it to a crunchy crisp?