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adj. meat·i·er, meat·i·est
a. Of or relating to meat.
b. Having the flavor or smell of meat.
c. Full of or containing meat.
2. Heavily fleshed.
3. Prompting considerable thought: a meaty theme for study and debate.

meat′i·ness n.
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On the other hand, in the case of meatiness or pterygium, the specialist indicated that it is essential to provide timely care because those who suffer from it are in danger of losing vision if they are not treated.
Arugula, tomatoes, chopped green onions, cucumbers, pickled vegetables, microgreens, soy paste, and a crumble of tofu that feels like ground meat add elements of crunch, freshness, and meatiness to the bowl.
Taste The Difference Lamb Kofta & Tzatziki Flavour Crisps, PS1, Sainsbury's All the nice meatiness of lamb, with the light freshness of mint and yoghurt, this is like a Greek dinner in crunchy form.
All the nice meatiness of lamb with the light freshness of mint and yoghurt, this is like Greek dinner in crunchy form.
It came with asparagus and peas, which were springy and fresh but a bit overwhelmed on a plate of intense meatiness.
In the mouth the initial sweetness makes way for the juicy, dry attack on the palate and a touch of meatiness from the dried fruit input.
Relationship of fiber diameter to tenderness and meatiness as influenced by Bovine age.
This recipe has an entire pound of mushrooms in it adding an undertone of meatiness, but what if you don't like mushrooms?
There was definitely a mild beer essence to go with the meatiness. We found it a bit strange they would use tomatoes, but the stew was ultimately tasty.
There is a a lovely cinnamon warmth and meatiness about the nose with berries and cherries abundant in the mouth.