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The business or activity of slaughtering animals and preparing the meat for sale.

meat′pack·er n.


(Commerce) US a person or company involved in the wholesale meat trade
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M2 EQUITYBITES-June 6, 2017-Brazilian Meatpacker JBS to Sell Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay Units to Minerva for USD 300m
The electoral court had been expected to blame Rousseff and absolve Temer, but that is now unlikely due to recent plea-bargain testimony by executives of giant meatpacker JBS SA who alleged they gave illegal funds to his campaign.
Eldorado is part of J&F Investimentos SA, a holding company that groups the investments that the Batistas have outside JBS SA, the world's largest meatpacker, the report noted.
This concentration of economic power has put extreme pressure on cattle producers, and more importantly, the economic power has produced the ability to keep political power to continue meatpacker dominance of the industry.
While not changing the sticker price, Japan's largest meatpacker said Monday it will reduce the net size of 151 products by 5-11 percent to account for higher prices of pork, chicken, vegetable oil and other items as a weak currency makes imported products more expensive.
For the first time, a German meatpacker has also been affected.
Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) to ban meatpacker ownership of livestock was a step forward but it failed to make the committee's final vote.
Having written an account about the fierce union struggle against the meatpacker George A.
meatpacking occurred when the Brazilian meatpacker JBS acquired Swift & Company in the U.
This investigative book by Apostolidis, author of Stations of the Cross: Adorno and Christian Right Radio, covers a group of Mexican immigrants working as meatpackers who spark an activist campaign attempting to democratize the meatpacker's union.
September 9 2010 - Brazil meatpacker Marfrig is expected to improve cash flow generation, according to Fitch Ratings.