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The business or activity of slaughtering animals and preparing the meat for sale.

meat′pack·er n.
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(Commerce) US the wholesale meat trade
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Noun1.meatpacking - wholesale packaging of meat for future sale (including slaughtering and processing and distribution to retailers)meatpacking - wholesale packaging of meat for future sale (including slaughtering and processing and distribution to retailers)
packaging - the business of packing; "his business is packaging for transport"
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Aurora Capital Associates and William Gottlieb Real Estate today announced completion of their 40 Tenth Avenue, a 10-story, 160,000 s/f, boutique office building that will serve as a new architectural landmark in the Meatpacking District.
Their target that day was the huge, steam-billowing beef plant here on the high plains of the Texas Panhandle, owned then by meatpacking giant Swift & Co.
New York's trendy Meatpacking District is getting ready to say goodbye to winter and kick-off its fourth annual fundraising event, ( Open Market , this week.
meatpacking and finds that migrants are more willing to accept riskier jobs at the going wage than U.S.-born workers.
Auto Business News-June 27, 2016--Volvo to launch boutique showroom in Manhattan's Meatpacking District
The Mayans Among Us: Migrant Women and Meatpacking on the Great Plains
For its initial property, Gansevoort led the revitalization of the once gritty Meatpacking District in New York City by opening the first and only full-service five-star hotel in the neighborhood, Gansevoort Meatpacking NYC.
Focusing on a meatpacking tycoon and storied Union army captain, Jed Crake, there are two separate mysteries: one of the missing young women, namely helpless chambermaids, but specifically, the newest victim whose disappearance had not garnered any attention until months later.
"Livestock & Meatpacking" is a study of the industry, with emphases on the role of railroads.
Blood and beauty; Manhattan's meatpacking district.
New York, Aug 8 (ANI): The trendy plazas in the Meatpacking District of New York are set to have a makeover when business groups will knock down the boobs-shaped barriers to make the place appear less embarrassing.