mechanical engineer

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mechanical engineering

The branch of engineering that encompasses the generation and application of heat and mechanical power and the design, production, and use of machines and tools.

mechanical engineer n.
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Noun1.mechanical engineer - a person trained to design and construct machinesmechanical engineer - a person trained to design and construct machines
applied scientist, engineer, technologist - a person who uses scientific knowledge to solve practical problems
tribologist - a specialist in tribology
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mechanical engineer

ningegnere m meccanico
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After graduation, she worked for the largest automobile company in India, Interestingly, Suresh was its first female mechanical engineer. (According to her, the company decided to hire one only after its first 50 years of operations.)
Chris received the Whitworth Scholarship Award from the Whitworth Society and Institution of Mechanical Engineers. The award is available to outstanding engineers who have demonstrated excellent academic and practical skills and the qualities needed to succeed in industry.
The University of the Philippines-Diliman was the top performing school in the September 2015 Mechanical Engineer Licensure Exam, with 96.61 passing percentage.
As a Senior Associate of the firm, Rauchenstein joined PDC in 2001, has more than eighteen years of experience as a Mechanical Engineer, and is also an Alaska registered Fire Protection Engineer.
Our role was clear: Mechanical engineers worried about welding, gears, sprockets, pistons, and valves.
Tom Price, a secondyear mechanical engineering apprentice has been named as the Institute of Mechanical Engineers' apprentice of the year for the Merseyside and North Wales region, thanks to his "work ethic, outstanding attitude and high standard of work".
Steps from Left to Right: Sam To, Junior Software Engineer Andrew Kimball, Software Engineer Sarah Macdonell, Senior Mechanical Engineer Dr Anne Virden, Product.
A talented teacher can create engaging scenarios in which students are offered the chance to work like a mechanical engineer. Engagement in design activities at an early age may lead more students down the path of exploration of mechanical engineering and other engineering disciplines as possible career choices.
However, such a wedgelike blade bends the top of the slice as it cuts, often creating cracks in the sample, says mechanical engineer Paul S.
Dylan Johnson also has joined the Engineering Department at Felco Industries as its new mechanical engineer. He has a Mechanical Engineering Technology degree from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA.
Michael, who is 27 and lives in North Shields, is a highly experienced mechanical engineer who qualified in Newcastle.
You want to try out several different algorithms to see which one will give the suspension the best performance, but when you ask the mechanical engineer who is designing the suspension components to run your code through his FEA program, he politely asks you to come back, say, next Tuesday.

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