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n. Philosophy
One who believes in the doctrine of mechanism.


1. (Philosophy) a person who accepts a mechanistic philosophy
2. (Professions) another name for a mechanician
3. (Mechanical Engineering) another name for a mechanician


(ˈmɛk ə nɪst)

a believer in a theory of mechanism.
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Noun1.mechanist - a philosopher who subscribes to the doctrine of mechanism
philosopher - a specialist in philosophy
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Frank moved onto David Brown engineers in Meltham working as a mechanist before working for WC Holmes, at Turnbridge, which made fans and furnaces.
Smith was born in Chicago in 1946, and was raised in New Jersey to former Jazz singer Beverly and mechanist Grand Smith.
A section devoted to the workshops housed within the Louvre palace features such items of master craftsmanship as the Clock of the Creation of the World, by astronomer and mechanist Claude-Simeon Passemant and silversmith FranAaAaAeAoois-Thomas Germain.
Paul Hurrion, Bio mechanist expert and Carl Crowe, bowling coach who has worked successfully with Sunil Naraine.
Further, the materialistic nature of the mechanist philosophy underpinning Vaucanson's project of a mechanical duck would have conflicted with the utopic tension inherent in Anteo's treatise.
Lisa Downing connects Lockean ontology to mechanism: "Locke's characterizations of the real essences of bodies are mechanist.
It has cited average salary in the range respectively for maid 8172 -6971, nanny 8564-6916, delivery man 10795-7352, cook 11069- 8559, data entry 13777-9627, mechanist 11183-8432, driver 12598-8729.
According to the Russian state pipeline mechanist, Transnet, they stopped supplies on the Druzhba pipeline to protect Belarus unauthorized shipping of oil.
BHEL), a CPSE under DHI has three manufacturing units (Trichy, Ranipet and Thirumayam) in Tamil Nadu which provided training to nearly 1800 apprentices during 2015-16 in various trades such as Mechanist, Turner, Fitter, Welder, Mechanic etc.
Pre-Newtonian forms of mechanism, influenced by traditional atomism, generally applied the mechanist model of causality to explain the behavior of macroscopic phenomena in terms of microscopic corpuscles.
The main new quest line, lasting about four or five hours, has you taking on a maniacal robot overlord called The Mechanist.