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1. Mechanically determined.
2. Philosophy Of or relating to the philosophy of mechanism, especially tending to explain phenomena only by reference to physical or biological causes.
3. Automatic and impersonal; mechanical.

mech′a·nis′ti·cal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.mechanistically - in a mechanistic mannermechanistically - in a mechanistic manner; "Handel achieves a huge breadth of musical thought when composing almost mechanistically in the least weighty of styles"
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The benefits of Vitamin D are becoming increasingly known, but we still don't fully understand how mechanistically it can help with heart disease management.
I don't know to what extent these changes are mechanistically dependent on each other, but they appear to also be happening, in the earliest stages of the disease course, in the retina.
This general framework would serve to integrate existing data from previous studies involving children and animal models, mechanistically support network models derived directly from experimental data, and simulate the behavior of these networks to support the gradual refinement of corrective and / or preventative treatments.
The current debate over the DREAM Act should reflect a realistic, evidence-based assessment of the likely family immigration impacts for this unique population rather than mechanistically using earlier estimates for different populationsor reaching well beyond that, said Doris Meissner, who heads MPIs U.
Mechanistically, the robust initial innate response is responsible for the constitutional symptoms and local site reactions seen in pooled data from the two pivotal clinical trials: 70%-85% of participants receiving HZ/su reported injection-site pain, 38% of participants receiving HZ/su reported redness, and about a quarter reported swelling.
Neuroprotection comparison of chlorogenic acid and its metabolites against mechanistically distinct cell death-inducing agents in cultured cerebellar granule neurons.
The researchers stated that their study is believed to be the first to give a mechanistically based estimate of the volume of Earth's lakes, as well as the first to quantify the uncertainty in that estimate.
2009), which were described in the survey as follows: mechanistically based in vitro cell or biochemical assays, high-throughput in vitro cell or biochemical assays, mechanistically based in vivo small-animal assays (e.
Neuregulin-1 has broad therapeutic potential, but mechanistically, we are still learning about how it works," Kuo-Fen Lee, a professor in the Salk Institute's Clayton Foundation Laboratories for Peptide Biology and holder of the Helen McLoraine Chair in Molecular Neurobiology, said.
The Pillar 2 capital cannot be mechanistically computed from the stress test results as these are one, but not the only factor taken into account.
As Jacob wrote, '[T]he two systems appeared mechanistically miles apart.
This new link helps explain how diet-induced TMAO generation is mechanistically linked to development of lethal adverse complications of heart disease," Dr.

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