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n. Philosophy
One who believes in the doctrine of mechanism.


1. (Philosophy) a person who accepts a mechanistic philosophy
2. (Professions) another name for a mechanician
3. (Mechanical Engineering) another name for a mechanician


(ˈmɛk ə nɪst)

a believer in a theory of mechanism.
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Noun1.mechanist - a philosopher who subscribes to the doctrine of mechanism
philosopher - a specialist in philosophy
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Astrologers had offered an explanation of the tides in terms of the influence of the moon, but the new mechanists would have no truck with that.
One of the best examples has to be Bruce Sterling's Schismatrix (1985), a novel in which two different philosophies of posthuman evolution have given rise to two distinct races: the Shapers, who believe in using biological/genetic techniques to modify their bodies (and who themselves end up branching into subraces), and the Mechanists, who only use non-biological implants and augmentations.
5) Consequently, Aron argued, "humanity, consciousness, science would not exist in the world envisioned by mechanists or objectivists.
It recommended that changes be considered to encourage umpires and referees to identify suspect bowlers with greater confidence, to use the expertise of the bio- mechanists working in this area to assume a greater role during the assessment process, and to allow for ongoing scrutiny of bowlers once they have been identified under the ICC procedures.
Brian Gaudette, a human resources official with Wyman Gordon in Grafton, a worldwide supplier to the aerospace and industrial gas turbine markets, said his company has salaried positions of engineers, management supervisors and operations support; and hourly positions for mechanists.
The riggers, to the mechanists, the lighting and sound technicians, the wardrobe staff have all been wonderful," technical director Cameron Flint related to Bulletin Entertainment and select guests during a recent stage tour.
Milkowski thus shares with other mechanists the presumption that a precise characterization of a cognitive competence given by, for example, the specification of a grammar for a speaker's language, cannot be genuinely explanatory in the absence of an account of how the competence is realized in the brain.
Staff were expected to accommodate the holistic nature of children's growth '[I]n short we are not mechanists or psychologists, nor doctors or teachers--but both.
Moreover, Cunning reads the Meditations as designed to respond to the philosophical confusions of a wide range of readers-Aristotelians, mechanists, theists, atheists, skeptics, and those with no clearly articulated intellectual commitments at all.
That is, changing from DP1 to DP2 restores the human dimension to the structures originally designed by the mechanists to make money.
Although mechanists enjoy the advantages of prediction and control, they tend to miss important phenomena such as aesthetics, affect, holistic interconnections, and the shaping influences of context.
Although it is not easy to categorize the papers, familiar themes and issues are well presented: the problem of the comprehensibility of alchemical language, the nature of laboratory practice, debates between Paracelsians and both Galenists and mechanists, the difficulty of uncloaking alchemical charlatans and fraud, and the challenges of textual exegesis.

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