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A specialized sensory end organ that responds to mechanical stimuli such as tension, pressure, or displacement.

mech′a·no·re·cep′tion n.
mech′a·no·re·cep′tive adj.
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(Physiology) physiol a sensory receptor, as in the skin, that is sensitive to a mechanical stimulus, such as pressure
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(ˌmɛk ə noʊ rɪˈsɛp tər)

any of the neuronal receptors that respond to vibration, stretching, pressure, or other mechanical stimuli.
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STRC encodes the stereocilin protein, a structural component of the sensory hair cells in the inner ear, required for mechanoreception. Biallelic loss of function of the STRC gene is a substantial contributor to nonsyndromic deafness (14, 18-20).
Although, lighting is an important factor for catching food for fish, larvae of 0L:24D treatment showed better performance values (weight and length) when compared to treatment 6L:18D, which can be explained by the fact that other factors also act in aid food collection, as mechanoreception or chemoreception and/or even the presence of the lateral line (COOMBS & PATTON, 2009).
Mechanoreception in motile flagella of Chlamydomonas.
In general, hair-like sensilla plays different functional roles in chemosensation, mechanoreception and others for detection of plant surface cues.
Type IV cells are basal cell type, responsible for renewal of taste bud cells and mechanoreception [9,10].
The duration of breath-holding after deep inspiration is a function of several factors [13]: chemoreception, mechanoreception (receptors of light stretching), the impact of descending cortical respiratory drive, and a cognitive component, of which the first two are involuntary, but the most important components [14].
The goal of this study was to inform the design of an ASF system to compensate for lost mechanoreception in individuals with LLA, as well as potentially other mobility-impaired patient populations.
Hyperpolarization-activated cyclic nucleotide (HCN) channels, which are also stronglylinked to mechanoreception in arterial baroreceptors, are shown to be upregulated in type 1 diabetes mellitus leading to a reduced baroreceptor function that can be rescued with tempol [22].
Club-like endings associated with the ringwulst within the ring sinus present an ideal model to investigate a mechanism of mechanoreception. Questions such as how movements of the ringwulst are related to whisker stimulation, or whether all the endings respond at the same time or not, and the character of their central neurotransmission etc., are expected to be the subject of future investigations that include computer simulation studies.
Mole cricket mechanoreception, particularly sound perception and phonotaxis, have been described (Ulagaraj & Walker 1975; Ulagaraj 1976; Walker & Forrest 1989; Mason et al.