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A specialized sensory end organ that responds to mechanical stimuli such as tension, pressure, or displacement.

mech′a·no·re·cep′tion n.
mech′a·no·re·cep′tive adj.


(Physiology) physiol a sensory receptor, as in the skin, that is sensitive to a mechanical stimulus, such as pressure


(ˌmɛk ə noʊ rɪˈsɛp tər)

any of the neuronal receptors that respond to vibration, stretching, pressure, or other mechanical stimuli.
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Merkel cell carcinoma, however, is thought to be derived from a type I mechanoreceptor located at the dermal-epidermal junction Small Cell Neuroendocrine carcinoma in Head and Neck regions is uncommon with only 180 cases of larynx and 75 of Paranasal sinuses being reported in English literature so far.
The morphometric changes in the ZP could be explained by the activation of the mechanoreceptor Integrina / Pax-Fax, located in the chondrocytes, which through mechanical stimulation generates activation of the pathway PI3k / Akt, inhibiting the phosphorylation of B-Catenin, which on accumulation migrate to the nucleus promoting cell proliferation and MEC secretion genes (Takeuchi et al.
It has been also suggested that ACL-resection-associated disruption of the afferent signals from the mechanoreceptor of ACL may modulate the muscle tone around the knee joint (Barrack et al.
This reduces muscular contraction in masticatory muscles by suppressing the mechanoreceptor activity due to shortened disclusion time.
For example, secretin is secreted in response to duodenal acidification and 5-HT secreting EC cells have mechanoreceptor properties.
By electrophysiological recordings these sensilla are innervated by five neurons: four chemoreceptor neurons and one mechanoreceptor neuron.
Structure-function correlations of rat trigeminal primary neurons: Emphasis on club-like endings, a vibrissal mechanoreceptor Sotatsu TONOMURA, Satomi EBARA, Knarik BAGDASARIAN, Daisuke UTA, Ehud AHISSAR, Inbal Meir, Ilan LAMPL, Daichi KURODA, Takahiro FURUTA, Hidemasa FURUE and Kenzo KUMAMOTO Communicated by Kunihiko SUZUKI, M.
In this study, we focused on the morphological and physiological aspects only of a unique mechanoreceptor in vibrissal follicles, the club-like ending.
The dominance of mechanoreceptor structures could be explained by the subterranean habits of mole crickets and limited air movement.
However, there is no information about neuromast in the larvae of these two species, except for the observation of small mechanoreceptor protuberances located along the sides of the body in larval anchoveta by Fischer (1958).
6,7) A hypothesis based on the body sites where keloids are observed is that mechanical stretch and tension across a wound may overstimulate collagen production, possibly as a result of mechanoreceptor damage or disorders.