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 (mĕk′lĭ-zēn′) or mec·lo·zine (-lə-)
An antihistamine drug, C25H27ClN2, used in its hydrochloride form primarily to treat vertigo and motion sickness.

[me(thylbenzene) + c(h)l(oro-) + alteration of (piper)azine.]
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(Pharmacology) a drug, C25H27ClN2, used to treat motion sickness
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Noun1.meclizine - an antihistamine (trade name Antivert) used to treat or prevent motion sicknessmeclizine - an antihistamine (trade name Antivert) used to treat or prevent motion sickness
antihistamine - a medicine used to treat allergies and hypersensitive reactions and colds; works by counteracting the effects of histamine on a receptor site
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meclizine, meclozine

(INN) n meclizina, meclozina (INN)
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Motion Sickness Drugs: Dimenhydrinate, Diphenhydramine, Meclizine, Promethazine, Scopolamine
The results of C.I were comparable to those reported by Daravath B and Tadikonda RR in their studies in 2014 where they made attempt to prepare SDs of Meclizine Hydrochloride using MD as carrier (Table 2) [16].
Also, you can try nonprescription cyclizine (Marezine[R]), dimenhydrinate (Dramamine[R]), diphenhydramine (Benadryl[R]) and meclizine (Antivert[R]) and prescription scopolamine (Scopace[R]) to prevent and treat seasickness, but they may cause drowsiness.
(17) Antiemetics (ondansetron, promethazine, metoclopramide), antihistamines (meclizine, dimenhydrinate, diphenhydramine), and benzodiazepines (lorazepam, diazepam) may be used during acute and brief vertiginous episodes to decrease symptom severity after central causes have been ruled out.
. antihistamines which reduce the motion sickness like meclizine, dimenhydrinate or cinnarizine or anti-nausea medicine like ondansetron.
The 25 mg meclizine hydrochloride formula is in a unique, super-small mini-tablet format.
* Jet-Avert Motion Sickness Aid (meclizine hydrochloride antiemetic).
Meclizine, which is an over-the-counter drug for motion sickness, is the only inhibitor of the CDP-ethanolamine pathway.
If the dizziness is due to unknown causes, drugs, such as meclizine, clonazepam, or lorazepam, or rehabilitation therapy is prescribed, which mostly rely on anecdotal evidence [6].
"I couldn't walk, I couldn't lift myself off the floor-the room was spinning constantly." Only a combination of high-dose steroids, Antivert[R] (meclizine, a drug for dizziness and sleep problems) and lots of sleep helped ease Kuchar out of the relapse. says: "Over-the-counter drugs used to deter and/or treat 'mal de mer' include dramamine, meclizine (common name bonine) or diphenhydramine (commonly known as benadryl).