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Any of various carnivorous insects of the order Mecoptera, which includes the scorpionflies, characterized by long membranous wings and an elongated beaklike head having chewing mouthparts at the tip.

[From New Latin Mēcoptera, order name : Greek mēkos, length; see māk- in Indo-European roots + Greek ptera, pl. of pteron, wing; see pet- in Indo-European roots.]

me·cop′ter·ous adj.
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(mɪˈkɒp tər əs)

belonging or pertaining to an order (Mecoptera) of carnivorous insects characterized by a long head with biting mouthparts at the tip, as the scorpionflies.
[1888; < New Latin Mecopter(a) + -ous; irreg. from Greek makrópteros long-winged]
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Adj.1.mecopterous - of or relating to mecopteransmecopterous - of or relating to mecopterans  
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