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1. A flat piece of metal stamped with a design or an inscription commemorating an event or a person, often given as an award.
2. A piece of metal stamped with a religious device, used as an object of veneration or commemoration.
v. med·aled, med·al·ing, med·als also med·alled or med·al·ling Informal
To win a medal, as in a sports contest: "We were the first Americans to medal" (Jill Watson).
To award a medal to.

[French médaille, from Old French, from Italian medaglia, coin worth half a denarius, medal, from Vulgar Latin *medālia, coins worth half a denarius, from Late Latin mediālia, little halves, from neuter pl. of mediālis, of the middle, medial; see medial.]

me·dal′lic (mə-dăl′ĭk) adj.
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(məˈdæl ɪk)

of or pertaining to medals.
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When Medalla made the first in the series in 1961, it was lauded as the first 'auto-creative' sculpture, drawing praise from no less than Marcel Duchamp, who created a series of sculptures he called 'Medallic Object' in honor of the Filipino artist.
The advisory military sub-committee will consider the case for medallic recognition in the next few months.
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However, it has long been the policy of successive governments that service in the armed forces does not, on its own, constitute justification for medallic recognition.
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