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1. Transport of persons, especially by helicopter, to a place where they can receive medical care; medical evacuation.
2. A helicopter or other aircraft used for such transport.
tr.v. med·e·vaced or med·e·vacked, med·e·vac·ing or med·e·vack·ing, med·e·vacs
To transport (a patient) to a place where medical care is available, especially by helicopter.

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1. (Military) military the evacuation of casualties from forward areas to the nearest hospital or base
2. (Automotive Engineering) a helicopter used for transporting wounded or sick people to hospital
vb, -vacs, -vacking or -vacked
(tr) to transport (a wounded or sick person) to hospital by medevac
[C20: from med(ical) evac(uation)]
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(ˈmɛd əˌvæk)

of, pertaining to, or being aircraft for evacuating wounded personnel from battle.
[1965–70, Amer.; med(ical)evac(uation)]
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Noun1.medevac - the evacuation of persons (usually by air transportation) to a place where they can receive medical caremedevac - the evacuation of persons (usually by air transportation) to a place where they can receive medical care
evacuation - the act of evacuating; leaving a place in an orderly fashion; especially for protection
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Burbank, CA, January 18, 2018 --( The role medevacs (aka, air ambulances) played in the Vietnam War is something that most people don't often think about.
If we had landed at the hospital pad, we may have prevented subsequent medevacs from landing, which may have put other patient's lives at risk.
In a parallel development effort, Active Signal Technologies developed the next generation of sensors suitable for noninvasive measurements in unstable and noisy environments, such as those of MedEvacs and ambulances.
Prior to the mid-'80s, the hospital provided no specific equipment or specialized training just for medevacs. Patients were put on a stretcher and a chartered aircraft; a nurse provided the care until they reached the hospital.
Troop numbers in Iraq were winding down, and so were the medevacs in Southern Iraq and Kuwait.
Hart, who flew similar medevacs aboard the CH-46E Sea Knight.
One problem is nighttime medevacs. Because more than half of the village airstrips in the Bristol Bay region have no runway lights, pilots can only use them during the day.
The H-46D continued to demonstrate its versatility, flying every mission from VERTREP and cargo moves at sea, to enemy prisoner-of-war operations and medevacs in Iraq and Kuwait, to special warfare extractions in Liberia.
On a busy day as many as five medevacs flights can be sent to rural Alaska.
During its first year, the air station performed 26 medevacs of troubled boaters.