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also Med·fly  (mĕd′flī′)
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n, pl -fly or -flies
(Animals) another name for Mediterranean fruit fly
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or Med•fly


n., pl. -flies.
Mediterranean fruit fly.
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Noun1.medfly - small black-and-white fly that damages citrus and other fruits by implanting eggs that hatch inside the fruitmedfly - small black-and-white fly that damages citrus and other fruits by implanting eggs that hatch inside the fruit
fruit fly, pomace fly - any of numerous small insects whose larvae feed on fruits
Ceratitis, genus Ceratitis - Mediterranean fruit flies
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Hot-forced-air also zaps medflies and oriental fruit flies that might be concealed in grapefruit and oranges, according to experiments by Armstrong and co-workers.
Although it is not known which compound(s) was responsible for the enhanced mating success, all the performance-boosting substances tested thus far contain the sesquiterpene hydrocarbon [alpha]-copaene, and [alpha]-copaene tested alone was found to increase mating success in male medflies. As the concentration of [alpha]-copaene and other terpenes vary among plant species, it is not known whether exposure to [alpha]-copaene-bearing plants (or their derived oils) will universally influence the mating behavior of male medflies.
The updated traps and colorful dye, he says, could also help shield Hawaii's orchards and fields of exotic tropical crops from resident medflies. For sunbelt states like California and Florida, where medflies would like to live, the inventions may forestall medfly invaders' gaining a foothold.
Fly longevity is critical to sterile release programs for Mediterranean fruit flies (medflies) because the longer sterile flies are present after a release, the greater the probability of mating.
Similar chilling regimens, developed earlier at other labs, are already approved for killing stowaway medflies in about a dozen other kinds of fruits.
Over the last several years, Sheppard and colleagues at Penn State University and the Florida Department of Agriculture have studied medflies found in Califomia.
EL Turky said her technology had shown over 90 percent accuracy in identifying medflies.
(1989) suggested change-out when captures of male medflies with aged plugs dropped below 50% of captures with 2 mL fresh trimedlure on cotton wicks.
"New century, new troubles: If [Raymond] Carver's characters were made to deal with medflies and drive-by shootings, Walter's must navigate meth and a beached economy and the occasional zombie barista.
Sublethal effect of neem extracts on medflies. The 11 treatments were replicated four times and were distributed in a completely randomized design.
She was hired after Steven Spielberg spotted her during a show with singing group the Medflies in Los Angeles.