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Noun1.medial condyle - a condyle on the inner side of the lower extremity of the femurmedial condyle - a condyle on the inner side of the lower extremity of the femur
condyle - a round bump on a bone where it forms a joint with another bone
femoris, femur, thighbone - the longest and thickest bone of the human skeleton; extends from the pelvis to the knee
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To conclude, we believe that a medial condyle Hoffa fracture is extremely rare in children, and the diagnosis can often be missed.
Type B fractures are condylar fractures; type B1 is a sagittal split of the lateral condyle, type B2 is a sagittal split of the medial condyle and type B3 is a coronal plane fracture.
1 = Head of humerus (Caput humerus), 2 = Neck of humerus (Collum humeri), 3 = Major tubercle (Tuberculum majus), 4 = Supracondylar crest (Crista supracondylaris lateralis), 5 = Olecranon fossa (Fossa olecrani), 6 = Lateral epicondyle (Epicondylus laterialis), 7 = Medial epicondyle (Epicondylus medilaris), 8 = Medial condyle (Condylus medialis) and 9 = Trochlea (Trochlea humeri).
Further X-rays revealed osteochondritis dissecans of the medial condyle (Figure 1).
Because results with valgus osteotomy for medial condyle involvement were best in those knees with a postoperative femorotibial angle of 164[degrees] to 173[degrees] and 7[degrees] to 16[degrees] of anatomic valgus, Koshino recommended a goal of 10[degrees] of valgus.
It took its normal course running on the medial side of the leg, passing behind the medial condyle of tibia and femur and then ascending on medial aspect of thigh to open into the common femoral vein by piercing the deep fascia.
This was interpreted to mean that osteosclerosis of the medial condyle decreased compared with that of the lateral condyle after over-correction of varus deformity.
Further subdivision of type B fractures includes B1 (sagittal, lateral condyle), B2 (Sagittal, medial condyle) and B3 (Frontal, Hoffa type).
Under Image Intensifier guidance, anteromedial approach was used to access the medial condyle. Initially, indirect fracture reduction, was achieved by longitudinal traction.
CASE REPORT: During routine classroom cadaveric dissection in a 60 years old male we observed unilateral variation of great saphenous vein on the right side which was found to be duplication below knee, at level of medial condyle of Tibia.
In 50% of cases, the anterior fibres of the posterior insertion of the lateral meniscus are set out in the intercondylar notch of the medial condyle of the femur anterior to the origin of the posterior cruciate ligament.
Type IV: Fractures of medial condyle. These may be split off as a single wedge or may be comminuted and depressed.

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