medial rectus

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Noun1.medial rectus - the ocular muscle whose contraction turns the eyeball mediallymedial rectus - the ocular muscle whose contraction turns the eyeball medially
eye muscle, ocular muscle - one of the small muscles of the eye that serve to rotate the eyeball
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Patients with exotropia of 60-80 PD underwent lateral rectus recession of 8-10 mm and medial rectus resection of 7-9 mm under peribulbar anaesthesia.
The left medial rectus muscle was thickened (left medial rectus 6.
To the Editor: Here, we present a rare case whose medial rectus and optic nerve in the left eye are both affected by intraorbital granular cell tumor (GCT).
Following medial peritomy, medial rectus was detached from sclera and eyeball was rotated laterally.
For recession surgery, medial rectus muscle was detached from the sclera after used suspensory suture.
They performed right medial rectus muscle recession 18 months after the trauma, followed 10 months later by full-thickness tendon transposition of the superior and inferior rectus muscles (with Foster suture).
An orbital MRI revealed the enlargement of the left medial rectus muscle that was associated with gadolinium enhancement (Figure 3b).
Table 1: Extraocular examination of left eye Extraocular muscle Function Movement of left eye Medial rectus Adduction Absent Superior rectus Elevator in abduction Absent Inferior rectus Depressor in abduction Absent Inferior oblique Elevator in adduction Absent Superior oblique Depressor in adduction Present but not full Lateral rectus Abduction Absent
The mass was located on the nasal side of the medial rectus muscle, and it abutted the ethmoid sinus.
A case of bilateral medial rectus paresis following bite by a viper.
Due to lesion in the MLF, ipsilateral medial rectus fails to receive the signal to contract when paramedian pontine reticular formation (PPRF) and sixth nerve nucleus act to intiate lateral gaze.

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