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1. Relating to, situated in, or extending toward the middle; median.
2. Linguistics Being a sound, syllable, or letter occurring between the initial and final positions in a word or morpheme.
3. Mathematics Being or relating to an average or a mean.
4. Average; ordinary.
n. Linguistics
1. A voiced stop, such as (b), (d), or (g). Also called media2.
2. A sound, letter, or form of a letter that is neither initial nor final.

[Late Latin mediālis, from Latin medius, middle; see medhyo- in Indo-European roots.]

me′di·al·ly adv.
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Adv.1.medially - in a medial position; "this consonant always occurs medially"
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2) Drainage of the concha bullosa has been described to occur medially into the nasal cavity (3) or laterally into the middle meatus.
1) Conceived initially by Gleich (2) and reconsidered by Koutsogiannis, (3) it is a heel bone wedge osteotomy in which the resulted distal end is displaced medially and, additionally, downward, in order to convert the triceps surae in an invertor of the heel instead of an evertor in the deformed foot.
1c); ventrally with one row of slender spinules on proximal third, with one medial short row of slender spinules close to posterior margin, and one long row of slender spinules along posterior margin medially (Fig.
5%) is a surgical hazard and arises directly from vagus and courses medially towards larynx.
Maxillae yellowish brown with dense black scopulae, distinctly longer than wide, medially constricted outer lateral margin without setae, somewhat narrow basally, broad apically.
The Bernard-Webster flap is used to reconstruct large lower lip defects with preservation of the commissures by advancing cheek tissue and the remaining lip tissue medially (12, 13).
We assumed that changing the position of the connector of a bilayer patch device (PHS[R]) and placing it medially in Hesselbach triangle would contribute to lower incidence of chronic pain and would not result in intestinal damage, with good clinical outcome following indirect inguinal hernioplasty.
Crown fore margin weakly produced medially, with pair of preapical spots.
All body regions distinct, pereomeres distinct but pleomeres medially fused; pleon strongly torsioned (Fig 1A, B).
We used K-wires to fix the greater tuberosity, traversing obliquely medially, to emerge at the upper medial shaft.
The previous fracture in the sagittal condylar head was pulled medially and anteriorly by the lateral pterygoid muscle [Figure 3]d and [Figure 4]a.
The second component takes origin fleshly on the ventrocaudal region of the fossa temporalis, medially to the first component and its fibers run rostrally and insert ventrally on a tenuous aponeurosis II.