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The third tone in a diatonic musical scale, determining the major or minor quality of the tonic chord.

[Italian mediante, from Late Latin mediāns, mediant-, present participle of mediāre, to be in the middle, from Latin medius, middle; see medium.]


(Music, other) music
a. the third degree of a major or minor scale
b. (as modifier): a mediant chord.
[C18: from Italian mediante, from Late Latin mediāre to be in the middle]


(ˈmi di ənt)

the third tone of an ascending diatonic scale.
[1720–30; < Italian mediante < Late Latin mediant- (s. of mediāns)]
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Noun1.mediant - (music) the third note of a diatonic scalemediant - (music) the third note of a diatonic scale; midway between the tonic and the dominant
musical note, note, tone - a notation representing the pitch and duration of a musical sound; "the singer held the note too long"
music - an artistic form of auditory communication incorporating instrumental or vocal tones in a structured and continuous manner
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457); and, " 'How many different mediant relationships can I pack into this section?
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Mediant Communications, a provider of technology-enabled fulfillment services to banks, brokers, corporations, and mutual funds, has appointed Jennifer Delevante-Moulen as director of marketing, reporting to Mediant president Robert M.
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The location of the child is the mediant of the fractions r/n and p/m that locate the parents.
Stollberg's interpretation of musical gesture and mediant relations in this Lied, but also in the the vocal quartet "Gott in der Natur" (D 757), the A flat major mass (D 678) and the "Great" C major symphony (D 944), raises interesting issues concerning poetic substance, and religious expression in secular art.
As can be seen by comparing the table with the tonal plan of Kramerspiegel, both Schumann and Strauss frequently use common-tone mediant relationships between adjacent songs.
AudioCodes also supports WebRTC enablement with the Mediant line of session border controllers, providing SIP over WebSockets conversion and codec conversion (transcoding).
In fact, such chromatic mediant key relations occurred in two works that Ellington had played earlier in the evening: Vincent Youmans's "Tea for Two," and the third movement of Ellington's own Newport Festival Suite (whose choruses are based loosely on the tonal-harmonic plan of "Tea for Two").
9-26/"Gandhi contre Machiavel" por Simone Panter-Brick y "Le mediant de Justice, Vinoba", por Hallam Tennyson (las dos ultimas aun no traducidas al castellano) .
Options include state-of-the-art SIP Trunks from solutions provider ACME Packet, which allow external communication via IP, as well as an Audiocodes Mediant gateway that offers time-division multiplexing connectivity with a client's existing legacy infrastructure.