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n. L. neumomediastinum, presencia de gas o de aire en los tejidos del mediastino.
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Cervicofacial and mediastinal emphysema complicating a dental procedure.
In a few axial slides showing proximal trachea, it has been observed that tracheal integrity was lost, subcutaneous and mediastinal emphysema were evident, and bilateral pneumothorax was significant, especially at right with thorax computed tomography [Figure 2].
(1) It is also known as spontaneous mediastinal emphysema and is characterized by free air in the mediastinum with the absence of known underlying disease.
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Key words: Laparoscopy--complications; Mediastinal emphysema; Pneumothorax; Subcutaneous emphysema; Case reports
Laceration of trachea should be severe enough to produce significant subcutaneous and mediastinal emphysema. Extensive tissue damage frequently accompanies penetrating bite and gunshot wounds (Nelson, 2002).
The CXR is an easily accessible imaging tool, and despite its limitations it can demonstrate mediastinal emphysema (pneumomediastinum and pneumopericardium) clearly as air contrasts well with the soft tissue of the mediastinum.
The occurrence of free air in the mediastinum is known as mediastinal emphysema or pneumomediastinum.
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